HERO Information

HERO Parent Information
Posted on 08/26/2022

Your child’s classroom will be starting to use the Hero K-12 program that recognizes students for their positive behaviors. The Hero program will enhance our current Positive Behavior Support (PBS) framework and recognize students for demonstrating our PRIDE behavior expectations. When students demonstrate the universal guidelines, Be Positive, Show Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence, they will earn Hero points that can be redeemed towards exciting incentives.

As a parent, you will receive notifications each time your child receives a Hero point or when you child redeems his/her points for an incentive item. You will receive these push notifications to the email address we have on file in our data warehouse. In addition, you can create your own parent/caregiver account on the Hero website to see your child’s points at any time. In order to create an account, please follow the steps outlined on this PDF by clicking here.Hero K-12 Setting Up Parent Accounts

The Hero K-12 program also has an App for iPhones and Android devices. Simply type in “Hero” on your App Store. 
Hero App link video

Here you can access your parent/caregiver account as well. Please note, you need to create your account on the web platform first before signing into the App for the first time.

We are so excited to begin using Hero K-12 with our students! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Dr. Charles, School Principal